Using Google Drive keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste text strings in documents

Using shortcuts in Google Drive to copy and paste text strings

If you get an error while trying to copy text or image by right-clicking Google Drive documents, you can use an alternate way to do this. In this case, a browser message prompts you to install the Google Drive synchronization software on your operating system. It is not necessary to do so.

Just use the keyboard shortcuts CTRL + C (copy) or CTRL + V (paste), it’s a nice and easy trick. Using keyboard shortcuts will improve your work. You do not need to learn all of them, but it is a good choice to know the one most used:

  • Copy (CTRL+C).
  • Paste (CTRL+V).
  • Undo (CTRL+Z).
  • Print (CTRL+P).

Convert text to all CAPS in Google Drive Documents

In Google Documents you can now convert all text CAPS. Neither need a program nor an online service like this

This is a new feature highly requested by Google Drive users. Excellent functionality!!

In order to use it, open document and simply choose “Format/Capitalization” option in document menu. This feature was published 28-03-2017 here